Specialist packages

I offer unique tailored packages for clients in the following specialist areas:

Honeymoon First Flights

Getting married is stressful enough without worrying about the flight. I can work in your timeframe to provide you the knowledge and confidence so that the honeymoon flight is a pleasure.

Don't spend the most important day of your life worrying about the flight. I can help.


As a parent I know how stressful travelling with children can be, even a visit to the supermarket can be a challenge! Using specialist skills I can work with your child to help them understand in simple words what flying is all about. Children start to develop their personalities from a young age and this is where the seeds of fear are sown. I can help.

Light Aircraft including balloons

Many clients have partners who have an active interest in flying light aircraft. I can offer type specific packages so that you can enjoy the experience together.

Accompanied flights

If you have an important business flight or are planning a special flight to visit relatives I can accompany you all the way. You will have my anxiety reduction techniques on hand throughout the flight.


Fixed price bespoke package including an simulator visit

This package takes the fixed price bespoke package on a step further but in an uniquely different way. Many clients feel their anxiety stems from feeling out of control. This is perfectly normal and the solution is easy to achieve. I will tailor a package that will include the opportunity to fly a £20M aircraft simulator. Here you will get the opportunity to sit in the pilots seat and operate the controls. I will show you what happens during take off, landing, turbulence and unplanned events.

Prices start from £650

Fixed price bespoke package including an accompanied flight

This package takes the fixed price bespoke package one step further. I will arrange for us to fly together (typically a short domestic flight).  I will talk you through every step of the way, from arriving at the airport, to check in, all the way onto the aircraft. From airport journey to touchdown I will be coaching and guiding you towards an anxiety free flight. 

This is my most popular package as nobody else offers you your own personal airline captain guide.

Prices start from £250


Fixed price bespoke package

This package gives you the peace of mind in knowing the total cost. The package is tailored to your needs and will include several sessions.

​Prices start from only £100 for 3 hours, and £160 for 5 hours

I offer four package styles to suit you and your needs:

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