How much do your courses cost?

Courses are tailored to the individual , packages start at £100 which includes 3 hours of face to face guidance with me, Captain Al.

Can you explain how the packages work?
I will arrange a mutually convenient time to chat you on the telephone. During this consultation I will gather some basic details about you and you phobia. Typically this call will take about 15-20 minutes, and is entirely free of charge and commitment. After this consultation I will put together a bespoke package for you, based entirely on your needs. Packages start from just £100 for 3 hours of face to face guidance.

Where are the courses held?
I will come to where you feel most comfortable, typically your home or office. It is far easier to relax and absorb information when we are relaxed. If neither of these are appropriate we can discuss other options.

​Which areas do you cover?
Package prices cover travel within a 65 mile radius of Manchester Airport (this covers Birmingham, Loughborough, Nottingham, Doncaster, York, Ripon, Lancaster, Llandudno and Shrewsbury) . Please see the map at the bottom of the page for a better idea.

If you live further away I can still help but there may be additional travel charges.

If you live outside of the United Kingdom I can offer assistance via Video link on Skype. 

Do you offer any guarantee?
It's not easy to offer any guarantees but I can honestly state that every client I have worked with has been pleased with the outcome and now flies with little or no anxiety. In the unlikely event that you don't get any benefit whatsoever from the first session I will happily refund you the balance.

What is your success rate?
This is an entirely understandable question! To date every one of my clients has benefited from my courses. They either fly with less anxiety or none at all. Whilst everyone is different I am confident I can help you achieve success.

 I used to be ok about flying but had a ‘bad’ experience; can you explain this and help?
Absolutely, this is very common and easily remedied.  I can look at the events and use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to help you get over this unfortunate experience.

Do you use hypnotherapy?
No, and in fact I don’t agree with the use of hypnotherapy in this area. At best hypnotherapy is temporary, can impede flight safety and just imagine the consequences if it effects ran out mid-flight! I do however use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which is proven to provide lifelong benefits.
I am embarrassed by my phobia; after all flying is safe isn’t it?
You are absolutely correct flying is statistically the safest form of transport, but phobias by their very nature are irrational. There is absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed as many of us have phobias. I can help you feel better about your phobia and turn it into strength.
What benefits do you offer over the airline provided courses?
You get my attention for 100% of the time. Typically airline courses require upwards of 100 people to make them viable. Each specialist therefore offers generic advice to the group. My advice is tailored to your needs and your needs alone.

Can you help me fly on propeller aircraft?
Yes, in fact part of my technical course covers this very subject.

How do you handle the flight part of the package?
This is something that will be tailored to your needs, but typically we would fly together on a short domestic flight. I will meet you at the airport and guide you through the entire process from check in to touchdown.  This is a unique and highly successful method as nowhere else offers you your own airline captain as a personal guide.
I’m ok most of the time, but fall apart when turbulence occurs.
This is very common, and is often borne out of misplaced knowledge. Media articles often make this subject area worse for passengers. I will provide a technical background to the subject and explain how it is avoided.
The technical aspects of your course sound daunting, I don’t think I’ll understand.
Due to the fact that my time is dedicated 100% to you, the technical level is tailored to your needs. Certain elements of phobia can be mitigated by understanding a little bit more. When we understand, we can rationalise, when we can rationalise we can control our anxiety.
Can you help children?
Yes, as a parent of a young family I know how stressful a visit to a supermarket can be let alone a flight! But like everything else it can be broken down into bite size bits that children can understand. This area of my work I find highly rewarding.




Please remember I can still help you, even if you don't live within the RED circle!

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